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SEMAG elevator maintenance team ensures that your equipment run safely and e ciently at all times scheduled preventive maintenance increases the performance of the equipment and brings peace of mind to passengers and building owners. it also enables cost e ective and reliable operations. as usage of the equipment increases and requirements grow, maintenance keeps your equipment running continuously and trouble free.

We regularly keep you informed of the condition of your equipment and any potential steps that need to be taken when necessary, we can also undertake any brand of elevators and escalators for the maintenance service after a thorough examination by our expert team.


SEMAG elevator in one of the leading elevator company  located in Dubai UAE with full of quality engineers and technicians, we take this opportunity to proudly introduce ourselves as world class elevator escalators, we provide products and services at economical and a ordable price ranges and strongly belive that professionalism and reliablity are the key attributes to establish a long and healthy business relationship with our clients. Our product protofolio is set up to provide an optimal mobility solution for modern buildings and urban environments such as residential properties, o ce, airports, hospital, cruise ships, stadium and Malls & Retail projects. All product o er a seamless approach in terms of building integration technology and designs.


Modernization keeps your equipment running dependable and smoothly for the lifetime of your building. It can also help to keep up with changing requirements. Our team conducts through analysis of the condition of your equipment, paying special attention to safety, accessibility, aestherics and performance besed on this assessment. We would recommend the necessary changes required to keep the elevators running for a longer period and to match up the latest trends in the market.

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In addition to having a different way of working, we also believe in delivering the most value for the elevator services we provide. You get so much more out of every Allied hour because we put so much more into each one:

  • A-list team of technicians
  • Ownership engagement on project
  • Expert problem solving
  • Highly responsive customer service
  • Exceptional billing and insurance support Boost tenant satisfaction
  • Save money and energy
  • Improve service
  • Improve marketability
  • Upgrade safety features to meet modern code and passenger expectations

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SEMAG elevator is one of the leading elevator company located in Dubai UAE with full of quality engineers and technicians