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Standard Functions

Skirt Panel brush

The skirt board brushes, mounted on both sides of the skirt boards and located above the steps , can not only avoid the passengers, shoes to collide on the skirt boards but also effectively avoid the entry of foreign objects into the steps.

Automatic oiling

PLC control automatic and lubricating system fulfills the idea automatic lubrication to the transmission chain during the running process of the escalator. It not only reduces the daily repair and maintenance word load. But also prolongs the service life of the driving mechanism.

Driver protection strand breaks

When the drive chain excessive tensie fracture the escalator stops automatically to protect the passenger safety.

Handrail speed

When handrail running speed and running speed ratio exceeds control system settings, escalators stops running.

Handrail inlet

The escalator in richly endowed with the intelligence and popularity by the novel distinctive.elegant.tensile and modemized streamline handrail inlet and outlet design model it appears to be more beautiful in the outlet appearance. It displays the nobleness and imposing manner of the converying constructions.

Side guide high accuracy step guide rail system

High rigidity big profile guide rail with nose used as transverse stop positioning guarantee the minimum gap between the skirt and step decrease the possibility of objects clamp in between.

Fault display

When some detect takes place, the trouble code will be displayed in the screen. It ensures the effective and accurate trouble position within the shortest time possible in this way it greatly enhances the repair and maintenance efficiency.


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